Spring in #toronto is like toasting bread with a single matchstick. #iphoneonly
Hotdog ballet on rice #toronto #iphoneonly
Stay in that corner you little devil…until you’ve pondered on all the bad things that you make me and other weak people do. Shame on you! #twinkies #toronto
Summer is just around the…err…is a figment buried in the deepest sulcus of one’s cerebrum. #toronto #iphoneonly  (at Cassa Bella)

No good #pizza is safe from a smart dog’s olfactories. #toronto #iphoneonly (at The Bear Daycare)


Johnny Galecki, regarding rumors about him being gay.

I’m reblogging this again because it’s one of the best things to have ever been said ever.


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Went out for a hot brew, came back with an iced capp.
I have had enough of unsolicited calls so I signed up for the “do not call” list. When that din’t work (coz, apparently charities calling are exempt), I started tagging numbers that call me without leaving voicemails. Now, I have more telemarketers than friends on my contacts list. So to those companies reading this…you can suck my gout-ridden right big toe for all eternity!
Homecooked #salisburysteak and #gravy …by me, for me. #toronto #iphoneonly (at Coral Gables)
Uber pretty but slightly hoochie 9 to 5 girl in line behind me at the work resto counter staring at my order…

Girl: I’ll have what he’s having
Me: I know that film!
Girl: Oh yeah? I am so Meg Ryan in that flick
Me: Me too!
Girl (whispers to equally hoochie pal): We’re not his choice of food group
Me: I prefer my “straight” spaghetti boiled.

Uber pretty but slightly hoochie 9 to 5 girl appears to google something on her phone…